Chaitanya, The Golden Avatar
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The Holy Names of the Lord, one should sing them without any pretension, in all humility, considering oneself less than a straw on the road, becoming more tolerant than the tree, and always ready to offer his respects to others. With such a spirit, it is then that one can sing the Holy Names of the Lord endlessly.

O Lord Almighty. I do not aspire to riches in any way, nor do I dream of pretty women, nor do I seek disciples. I only want to be endlessly absorbed, life after life, in your service of pure and absolute love.

I am your eternal servant, O Krishna, son of Nanda Maharaja, and yet for some reason I have fallen into the ocean of material existence. Please tear me away from these waves of death and rebirth, turn me into an atom of dust under your lotus feet.

When, then, O Lord, will my eyes be adorned with an endless stream of tears of love as I recite Your Holy Names?

When will my words be strangled while pronouncing your holy names and when will all the hair of my body stand up at the song of your holy names?

I feel you so far from me, O Govinda, that every moment seems to me twelve years or more, an eternity, and torrents of tears spring from my eyes. You absent, the whole universe seems empty to me.

Krishna remains and will always remain my only Lord, whether He crushes me in his embrace or breaks my heart by his absence. Total is the freedom that He has to act as He pleases in all circumstances. It remains nonetheless the eternal object that I adore unconditionally.

I invite you to read and re-read, or study and re-study this wonderful teaching of Lord Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, in order to have a clearer and greater understanding. You will then find that you are making new discoveries each time, and your discernment will grow.

Anyone who listens to or reads the account of the Lord's entertainment immediately becomes cleansed of the taint of material existence.

Whoever hears them, reads them or repeats them to others, becomes aware of Krishna. Only Krishna conscious beings qualify to return to their original home, which is in the absolute kingdom of God.




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